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Who we are

Our founder Barbara Wolfe, has a decade of service as a Library Director, in charge of increasing efficiencies and community involvement in two Southern California libraries. As a graduate of Western University's Masters in Library & Information Studies (MLIS), as well as a PhD Candidate in the same program, she brings a high level of awareness to any project. Barbara also has a succesful prior business background in services and communications technology, having founded and managed several companies. As a professional Librarian, her robust research skills and big-picture thinking have been applied to the pursuit of intellectual freedom and support of American Libraries.

As an active Library Director, Barbara encouraged grant applications from a number of agencies as a means of increasing staff capacity as well as exposing communities to a broad range of enriching topics. Successful grants included those from ALA (American Library Association), California Humanities, and The VCMC (Ventura County Military Cooperative), among others.

Her work has included the design and establishment of the largest public Business Library in Ventura County, the Russell Fischer Business Collection. 


The Library Supports Team includes professional Librarians and IT Specialists. We actively seek dedicated persons to Join With Us in keeping and making Libraries great.